Route Planner System

Route Planer is a system that automates companies with a fleet of vehicles and drivers. It includes among others:

Building Management System

Alma Skyscraper is a complete building management software that automates collection of buildings common expenses, management of income and expenses includes statements, invoices, receipts e.t.c.

Customer Management System

Alma Customer Management is a software that helps professionals to keep up with all the information related their customer.

Electronic Medical Records

Alma medical records is a database software that helps any business owner with clients with medical records. This software is intended for professions like dietitian, acupuncturists, aromatherapists, chiropractors e.t.c.

Construction Cost Control (CCC)

The Alma CCC is designed to help decision makers in construction industry to react as soon as possible in order to make sure that a construction is profitable.

Alma Tiger

Alma Tiger is a irrigation automation system. It helps the community boards to follow up with:

Alma Cemetery

Alma Cemetery is a software that helps community boards to collect the cemetery tax, a special tax that creates a fund to be used for cleanness and organization of cemeteries.

Alma Sewage

Alma Sewage is an automation system that helps community boards to follow up with:

Alma Pergamos

Alma Pergamos is a software system that helps the organization and collection of tax on communities for the use of common waste grounds